Property sales do not just happen overnight. We understand the nuances of the transaction, the fact that the sale will likely be the closing of a chapter for our sellers and the opening of a new chapter for our buyers.

Transactional information is sensitive and deserves to be treated as such. We are careful with your information, it is really no one else’s business.


We do not report or publish your sales results.  We know that we sell more real estate in our patch than all of the other agents combined so we don’t need to tell the world about it.


Those in the know, know.


It also follows, that because we sell more than anybody else, we know more about our market on a day to day basis because we have the first hand information to help us keep track.


You may have noticed that we advertise our properties with a single asking price, not a vague ‘price range’. This is because we know what your property is worth.


That is a competitive edge that our competition simply cannot match.